To help you get through the processes of daily life without stressing you out on little things, we have prepared a list of useful kitchen gadgets which are fun to use. The best part about these tools is that they get along with modern kitchen designs, thereby upgrading the game of kitchens.


Self heating Knife


How many times have a frozen butter given you a tough time? When you were running late for work or school? When you prepare a pretty breakfast but forget to take butter out at room temperature? And to avoid many more situations like these heat conducting knife is here at your rescue. Instead of heating butter, this knife heats itself, making the process of butter spreading a lot easier.


Food hugger


A lot of times we need only half of a thing, like half an onion for cooking and saving the rest becomes a pain. But no more as this food hugger is here which can save half of your veggies and fruits in a well contained plastic wrap, keeping it safe and away from bacteria and germs ready to be used for next time.


Tear Free Goggles


Finally! Something to help you cheer up while you weep! This onion goggles claims to be a tear free solution while you chop onions. Their foamic structure absorbs onion enzymes not letting them reach your eyes and tearing them up. A life hack of chewing gum was also famous but that didn’t stop the tingling sensation in eyes as these goggles can.


Snapping Strainer


While boiling pasta, straining becomes so hard and there are always a few crumbs and pieces escaping into the sink even after securing it with a strainer. But no more as this snap strainer is here to help you. Simply attach it to the walls of the pan and it won’t let anything skip, guarding the gate.


Robotic pot stirrer


If you are a person who single handedly handles the whole kitchen then you my friend, need an extra hand. This pot stirrer is exactly that. It helps you in keeping things stirring letting you spare time for doing other things like scrolling through instagram or maybe sending a snap of your new arm?


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