While the strict lockdown of the pandemic keeps you captured in your home, there could still be times when you have to travel out and get the basic grocery shopping done. So while you can’t help travelling outside, you can surely control the bacteria which come inside. This is why you need sanitizing cleaning services. But if that isn’t possible, then here’s how you can disinfect your home:

  • Use disinfected wipes

Disinfected wipes are life saviours when it comes to getting rid of germs and viruses. Take a look around and observe for only five minutes the things that you continuously touch. It could be the door knobs, light switches, sink or the most obvious one, your mobile. You need to use those disinfecting wipes all over the place which will help you in sanitizing your area.

  • Use bleach on floors

Bleach is one of the best disinfecting cleaning agents which you can opt for. Mix bleach with water and then mop the floors because when you bring shoes inside from outdoors, it doesn’t only bring dirt, but it also brings in a trail of germs and viruses which can linger around for a long time. Make sure you disinfect all the floors but with the right agent because bleach used on hardwood floor can stain the wood and make it look bad. So use the right agent.

  • Use disinfecting spray

Disinfecting spray is also one of the most useful tricks that can help you especially when we talk about cleaning cars. When you drive outside it definitely means that the cars will also be infected which is why cleaning and spraying obvious parts of the car like steering wheel, car door or window switches is one of the most meaningful places to aim for. Don’t forget cleaning the dash board because that is where you must throw most of your important things which will be cleaned later on.

You can use the disinfecting spray all over the house but one thing which you must be careful about is you should use hydrogen peroxide which will clean out all the substances in your home. You won’t have to worry about germs running away or not. Be sure to clean bathrooms and any such obvious space because there’s where the risk lies. Or simply call disinfection cleaning companies in Dubai.