Schools give us the experiences that we carry with us for the rest of your lives. Whatever we learn in the school makes are native concepts which then keeps on developing as we move on with our lives. That is the beauty of school, all of us owe a lot to our schools and we should respect and pay heed to our teachers who made sure that we get good grades, our principal who made easy rules for us, our management who pushed us for studying hard, our janitors for making our classes and bathrooms clean, our cafeteria people who made sure that we had the best and healthy meals, in short, we should be thankful to everyone. 

These are the benefits of going to school, and there are a lot more benefits of owning a school, people of the institute earn respect and get a good amount of money as well. But did you know that there are a lot of disadvantages of owning a school? Sounds ridiculous right! But this is a fact, and we got our facts from one of the biggest school owners. And most of them said that, a school owner doesn’t have a life of its own. This isn’t hard to imagine because remember whenever you passed by a principal’s office, there were always a long queue of people who wanted to meet him/her.

We know that kids can be the worst bullies and that is becoming a problem of the century. And each day kids bully other kids, and the victim’s parents come to office and the doer’s parents come to office and they have to listen to the principal. But imagine, speaking like that for whole year to many people over and over again, can be pretty frustrating. Or if you ever had to visit the principal’s office, he/she had a pile of papers to read, to write and sign and again, he/she had to do it for the whole year. This can be tiring. There are many principals who say that had to work from home as well and there are many of them who say that the salary is less as compared to the work, they do the whole year. But you can always get an admission in primary school in Qatar or in kindergarten school in qatar.