The scenery and other wonders are surely cool and all but there is still something that you need to survive just like oxygen and that something is food. If you are a foodie and nothing is more attractive and wholesome to you than food then you may have to consider Canada immigration from Dubai agent as here we have a few dishes that are only found in Canada:

  • Bannock: Bannock is simple bread that remained a staple food in the daily intake of Canada’s aboriginal people. There are different versions of this tasty bread such as the baked and fried one. Baked bannocks are usually heavy and dense unlike the fired ones which are crispy and fluffy from the inside. These both versions are used differently with variety of toppings that has made it famous nationwide.
  • Butter tarts: This is something which you are never going to forget with its rich butter sugar and egg filling wrapped in flaky pastry shells that melt in mouth the moment it enters. This is something very delicious and good especially when you are craving something sweet and crispy.
  • Sea Food: How can we talk about Canada and not mention its great connection to the oceans which invites the huge biodiversity also being a source of sea food. From smoked salmon to lobster rolls, the country is full of variety of sea food and its goodness. 
  • Split pea soup: This yummy winter delight originated from Quebec is an amazing creamy soup that blends peas, pork and herbs together to form a thick consistency with flavour that melts in the mouth. A small bowl goes a long way especially in chilling winters when temperature is known to fall more than minus 10 degrees, better to stay prepared in such conditions.
  • Montreal style bagels: New Yorker’s have confirmed that their life is not the same as it was with the NYC bagels when they tried the Montreal version that is cooked in firewood ovens and often topped with sesame seeds and poppy seeds. They are the heroes of Canada serving sweet tooth of every other foodie. Change your life today contacting immigration consultants Dubai and discussing different options of places with different variety of food.