Now, Vape has replaced traditional cigarettes and they have become popular all over the world. These are preferred over smoking due to number of reasons. So if you are living in Abu Dhabi then you can find Abu Dhabi Vape anywhere. You can also go for its alternate so you can buy myle Abu Dhabi. Here is simple guide for you that how you should purchase Vape when you go to market to purchase it.

Get basic kit:

When you are going to buy Vape kit then you must make sure that the kit is simple and it must not be so complex that later you find difficulty while using it. And this kit is available in four different designs such as Pod vapes, AIOs, E-cigarettes and disposable cigarettes.

Pod vapes: These are purchased in prefilled form and refiller is also purchased with it.

AIOs:  These are also refillable. And these have replaceable coil.

E-cigarettes: these have disposable cartridges. And are also refillable.

Disposable E-cigarettes:  this whole device is disposed off.

So now it is up to you that which style you want to use. These kits also ccntain Vape juice and if you don’t want to use Vape use then you can also go for essential oils. These Vape juice comes in different flavors and you can choose any one of them according to your choice.

Get Vape juice:

So the next step is to choose Vape juice to add in the Vape device. These juices contain nicotine and are also available in market in different flavours. Usually, the smaller bottles contain 30 ml or less than this. There are different potencies of nicotine and you can select any one of them.

High nicotine level: these are used with low power and these contain nicotine level of 12mg to 60 mg.

Medium nicotine level:  these can also be used with medium power and these contain nicotine levels of about 6mg to 12mg.

Low nicotine levels:

These are used with high power and these contain nicotine levels of about 0mg to 6mg.

If you are going to use it for the first time then you should start it with low nicotine levels. If you will use higher dose in initial stage then it may cause damage. If you are suffering from any disease such as asthma then you should use its medium to low dose. But if you are an healthy adult then you can use its high dose.