Domain name is one of the most important parts of website design Abu Dhabi because this is how your site is going to be recognized. Now it may not be easy for anyone to pick a domain name and we are certainly not here to tell you what should be yours, but the following tips will walk you through on how a domain name should be selected and make it easier for you.

  • Use keywords in your domain name

We are asking you to use keywords in your domain name for the same reason you would use them in your site or blog which is, SEO. This is a great trick to let your site pop up whenever the keyword is searched. Now it may not be easy to pick a keyword which is related to your niche and add it to your domain name but you can always look up for some good keywords and see which of them are low in competition and would work great for you.

  • Consider help from domain name generator

Once you have set upon your niche and keyword, you may be out in search to combine the two and see what brilliance you can come up with but most of the time the domain name that you must’ve chosen would’ve already been taken by someone else and it could raise a whole other set of copyright issues. So what do you do in such situation? You aim for a domain name generator which will exactly guide you to which ecommerce website development name is available for your use.

  • Make it simple yet memorable

In the race of trying to look unique and stand out you may be looking for something which is completely new and different and you may end up choosing a complicated and fancy name which could be hard to pronounce let alone understand. You don’t want your customers misspelling your site’s name – or worse not remembering them at all. Which is why, keep it simple and creative so that it becomes memorable for the visitors.

Once you have been through all these steps, make sure that you are ready to roll with it and choose the domain name and buy it before someone else gets it. Always remember that your niche should coordinate with your domain name and you will be good to go.