Essay writing is always nightmare for students. Yet, you can find it less frightening if you would follow the following steps!

  1. Points: Take out your journal and write all the points and opinions which are walking in your brain that are related to the topic. This technique will save all of your points. There are chances that you might forget them. So, journal will give you liberty to flush them out of your brain. While writing, more points will come in your brain because your hands and brain are moving while writing which will make them more active and activeness will born new ideas in your mind. 
  2. Research: When all of your thoughts are translated into language and words, then switch on your notebook or laptop and research about the topic. Try to collect all information which can prove or enhance your points of views. This will make the essay more authentic and readable for teachers because teachers want authentic information. They want proofs and information in your essay. A good essay is an essay which can increase the information of a reader. 
  3. Mind-mapping: After collecting research material, make a mind-map or do brain storming. Add all points and information, collected via books and internet in it along with their points. Number them that what will be written first and last. This will organize your points and lessen your work when you will start to write a final document. This mind-map will work as draft for you. 
  4. Introduction: After making a mind-map, turn the paper and prepare an introduction. An introduction should have your thesis statement and main point. It should be engaging and easy to understand. A formal or university essay should not have dialogues or any quotes in introduction. It will make it less formal and it would seem a childish essay, then.
  5. Conclusion: Prepare conclusion in the last. Add all information precisely in it. Add important information and points in it. It will make your essay must-read and appreciate-able.
  6. Final write-up: After making and writing everything, take out your laptop, open MS word, and write a final document. Take breaks while writing if it is tiring you but if it is not, then write it in one go. Edit it while writing and after writing to make sure that everything is perfect.

So, these are few steps to write essay on anything whether it is about kiosk manufacturers in UAE or metal fabrication companies in Dubai. Good luck!