Veneer is an extremely thin layer of laminates which covers the outer surface of your teeth helping in improving the appearance of your teeth in sense of its color, alignment, and shape & size. The reason why dental veneers in Dubai are so famous is because it gives a porcelain layer of veneer instead of the usual resin layer which is naturally present. Porcelain layers can help in prevention of stains such as coffee etc. This layer gives a false shadow of reflecting light from your teeth making it look prettier and attractive.

People prefer dental veneer treatment because it helps to save from damage caused by stains or root canal Dubai. This can help in achieving a brighter smile and perfect alignment of teeth as well as much good looking shape.

The first step for opting dental teeth veneer is to properly seek doctor’s advice. Explain to them what you want to achieve and what are you acquiring for. What are the reasons behind you opting for dental veneer treatment. Maybe your dentist can suggest you some kind of less severe procedure.

The process is not very complicated but it takes some time to achieve the results. As we all know that our teeth naturally have an enamel layer which needs to be removed in order to carry out this procedure of dental veneers. Your natural enamel will be removed and a faux model of teeth that you desire to achieve will be created. Some patients like to go under anesthesia while the others insist on bearing the pain – the decision is completely yours. This model is sent out to the laboratory and received after a gap of two to four weeks which will then be inserted in your teeth.

Don’t expect any kind of miracles happening in the clinic while you lay on the bed under anesthesia. Your model of dental veneers will be checked if it fits perfectly and it will keep changing, adding and removing on by your dentist to make sure your that it is as desired.

A follow up appointment must be made to make sure that everything is as per desire and everything is going fine, not creating more problems for you and your teeth so that you can live happily ever after flashing that pearly tooth smile.